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Comprehensive Fault Database and Interpreted Fault Map for Oklahoma


The Oklahoma Fault Database is the most comprehensive compilation of mapped faults within and near Oklahoma. This effort was designed to capture both the faults from published literature and the necessary metadata such that these faults can be checked for validity and referenced in the future. Both surface and subsurface faults are being captured within the same database framework. The database platform is based on modern open-source GIS platforms. This is a very large effort and as new resources are identified the faults and metadata associated with those resources can be incorporated and updated into the existing database. Previously within the database there was no effort to prevent multiple fault characterizations from multiple sources. Therefore the second part of this effort is to build an interpreted fault map that provides a single representation for multiple mapped versions of the same fault and evaluate questionable faults based on their associated metadata. The goal is to provide a single fault map that represents the geologic complexity within Oklahoma. Ultimately there will be two separate products, a comprehensive fault map, and an interpreted fault map. This database will allow users to easily access and use any information about any fault and those faults used to help constrain the interpreted faults. This database is a unique and valuable resource that will be publicly available to all types of end-users and stakeholders.