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A comparison of micro-resistivity image logs, Eola-Robberson field, Garvin County, Oklahoma and outcrop photographs, Arbuckle Mountains, Murray County, Oklahoma


A series of micro-resistivity imaging logs from fracture dominated reservoirs in the Eola-Robberson field, Garvin County, Oklahoma will be presented on tables as plastic laminated full scale cylindrical 8 3/4′ pseudo-cores, as well as in a typical poster format. These images will highlight distinct bedding characteristics of different productive zones in the field to be compared with full scale photographs of the same zones outcropping 20–30 miles to the southeast in the Arbuckle Mountains. Examples of natural and drilling induced fractures and structural deformation will also be included. Caney, Sycamore, Woodford, Hunton and Viola images will form the bulk of the display. In the very complex structures of the Southern Oklahoma Fold Belt, micro-resistivity imaging is another tool to aid in formation identification when used along side sample examination and wire line log analysis.