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River Channel Sand Body Characterization by Integrating Well Logs and Seismic Attributes Analysis in Dense Well Pattern Case Study of Eastern Beierxi Block in SaBei Development Area, Daqing Oilfield, China

Xia, Shiqiang

As the development areas in eastern China have been in the phase of super-high water cut period. With the deepening of the tertiary oil recovery, the distribution of remaining oil gradually becomes complex day by day. In order to figure out the reasons which control the distribution of remaining oil, we need to describe river channel sand body precisely.So the effective prediction of the distribution of interwell river channel sand body has become an urgent issue in EOR (enhanced oil recovery). With time being, seismic microfacies mapping can be time consuming, even if only a basic overview of the microfacies distribution is needed. In this paper, based on the high resolution well log and seismic data, a study of interwell microfacies with the help of high resolution well log and 3-D seismic data in SaBei development area was carried out. Seismic attributes were extracted on the premise of seismic horizon tracing in a dense well pattern and the seismic attributes on wells were determined by inverse distance weighted mean method. The clustering procedure correlation analysis method, the linear and multivariate statistical correlation analysis between seismic attributes and well log data were used to deduce relationships between seismic data and reservoir physical information. Finally, we demonstrate the possibility of using multi-attribute results to foster an understanding of depositional oriented trends in interwell river channel sand body distribution that have been observed in the buildups we got in the analysis. Then the planar map of depositional microfacies distribution was mapped with the result of well-seismic data and it would lead us a new understanding of how to find remaining oil.


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