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Using Microseismic Event Radiation Patterns and Source Parameters to Better Estimate Stimulated Reservoir Volumes

Doerksen, Michael
[email protected]

Microseismic (MS) surveys have been a useful tool in answering basic fracture orientation questions. As the technology advances more and more work is being done to bridge the gap between the geophysicists and engineers looking at the data. With all these advancements, stimulated rock volume (SRV) estimates being output by MS surveys are still the center of much debate. A MS survey can tell you where formation activity is occurring but many events may not be related to formation fracturing and even more will not be filled with proppant. The use of moment tensor inversion has been looked at as the solution to this issue, but there is still work to do before this method is proven and relied on. By controlling the events that are used in the SRV analysis and making assumptions related to event energy and S/P ratio hope to find a more realistic estimate for frac growth.


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