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Nile Delta Pliocene-Pleistocene Slope System Evolution from East to West: Impact on Exploration

Sherif Hemdan and Mohamed Hussein

Extensive complex slope channels (Canyon system) are developed in the western side of the Nile Delta in deep water (~40-150 km from the present day shore line) along an extended slope system within the Upper Pliocene sequences.

Since 1998, BG has been successfully exploring this play within the West Delta Deep Marine block, discovering several Pliocene gas fields which currently contribute to about 35% of Egypt total gas production.

This play concept was extended to the Eastern side of the Nile Delta, by exploring El Burg Offshore Block (EBO). Seismic data and attribute maps reveal the existence of slope channels at different levels in the Pliocene (Kafr El Shikh formations). The EBO area is characterized by narrow Pliocene-Pleistocene shelf and slope system, thin or missing Late Pliocene sediments within prograding deltaic sequences with deposition of slope channels mainly confined within thick Early Pliocene sediments. These channels are delineated in the present day onshore and extended toward the shallow marine area within EBO block.

El Burg-1 well has tested three stacked Pliocene anomalies and proved reservoir presence at all targets. El Burg 3D seismic attribute maps and well data have confirmed that the penetrated channels are simpler in architecture with thinner thickness, less extent and lack of levee deposits relative to those penetrated in the Western side of the delta.

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