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Stratal Slicing Unravels Complex Depositional Architectures in the Northern Kutei Basin

White, Roger; Vendrell-Roc, Jaume; Reader, Joanne
Salamander Energy Plc, Singapore, Singapore.

A methodology is described that allows for fast and efficient screening of 3D seismic datasets for the understanding of depositional environments and reservoir architectures.

Salamander Energy Plc has recently acquired a 3D seismic dataset in its SE Sangatta PSC in the Northern Kutei Basin. In order to quickly evaluate and high grade this complex acreage Salamander adopted a seismic screening approach. This approach involved the construction of proportional stratal slices using a framework of mapped regional horizons. The regional seismic horizons were first created based on an established stratigraphic framework tied to the available well data. Windowed seismic amplitude extractions were then performed on the stratal slices. Sequential animation of the slices provided an excellent visual tool for understanding the depositional system and its development through geological time. The slices reveal the development of complex Miocene to Recent canyon geomorphologies on the paleoslope from upper to mid and lower slope settings. From this screening process quick construction of paleogeographic maps was made possible along with mapping of the shelf break position through time. The stratal slices show how the canyon scale and morphology, as well as degree of amalgamation vary with geological time and position on the paleoslope. The effect of local tectonism is also revealed.

Analysis of amplitude variations within the canyons and integration with structural mapping have revealed complex internal depositional architectures and have allowed for the identification and high grading of prospective areas. This methodology has been a powerful tool in the early exploration of this underexplored region.


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