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Joint Time-Frequency Analysis of Ground Penetrating Radar Signals Over Sedimentary Deposits

S. Guha
University of South Florida

Ground Penetrating Radar profiles are extensively used for stratigraphic studies of depositional environments. Detection of internal stratification within layers and thin bed characterization in these environments are important aspect of stratigraphic interpretation. But GPR resolution is limited and identification of the presence of thin beds is difficult in the time domain. Thin bed detection from GPR data is better done in frequency domain. In order to better understand the frequency variations temporally/spatially as well as to relate these observed changes to bed geometry, joint time-frequency analysis (JTFA) is required. Seismic resolution studies have shown that thin beds can be studied through frequency domain analysis. We have applied this technique by using the S-transform to GPR signals over depositional sequences of thin beds as well as to model simulations. Results indicate that this method can extract useful information from GPR data regarding depositional characteristics.

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