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OWEN, DONALD E., Department of Geology, Lamar University, Beaumont, TX, and CHARLES F. HEAD, Burlington Resources, Inc., Farmington, NM

ABSTRACT: Sequence Stratigraphy And Reservoirs Of The Dakota Sandstone And Burro Canyon Formation, San Juan Basin, New Mexico And Colorado

Understanding of the depositional and reservoir facies and age relationships of the Dakota Sandstone and adjacent formations is aided by proper placement in a sequence-stratigraphic framework, defined by three subaerial sequence boundaries, three marineflooding surfaces, and four bentonites. Dakota reservoirs, which contain a major basin-centered gas accumulation with production of more than 5 TCF, include braided and meandering fluvial, distributary, shoreface, and shelf ridge sandstones. Many of these reservoirs are related to basement fracture systems, which controlled depositional trends and improved reservoir quality. A database including 75 measured sections, cores from 32 wells, and logs of 5000 wells was constructed and used to prepare isopach, subcrop, and facies maps that provide insight into the geometry of producing trends and the potential for undeveloped reserves.

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