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ABSTRACT: Near-Trace 3-D Seismic Cubes: A New Tool for Sequence Stratigraphic and Hazards Studies


Two-millisecond sampled near-trace seismic traces extracted from 3-D seismic exploration data produce high resolution 3-D seismic cubes. Near-trace seismic reflection cubes contain frequencies of up to 120 Hz and allow detailed mapping of Late Pleistocene deep water seismic stratigraphic sequences on a computer workstation. High resolution 3-D data cubes are an ideal tool for the study of sequence stratigraphic systems tracts and geohazards from the shelf edge to the lower continental slope. Seafloor morphology, subsurface faults, amplitude anomalies indicative of shallow gas, and internal sequence facies can be mapped in three dimensions to two-way times of up to two seconds beneath the sea floor. A high-resolution 3-D data set is used to illustrate the application of such subsets for mapping systems tracts and drilling hazards on the lower continental slope offshore Louisiana.

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90941©1997 GCAGS 47th Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana