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ABSTRACT: GOCAD 3D Visualisation and Geostatistical software: New workstation technology applied to an old offshore Louisiana Oil Field


A new comprehensive mapping and 3D earth-modeling project was initiated in June 1996 for Chevron's Main Pass 299 Field. With almost 30 years of production from over 120 wells, an ongoing drilling program is required to maintain current production levels and cash flow. To sustain this program, a better understanding of the reservoirs, and improved efficiency in the new well generation process is required. This is being achieved by the use of the latest workstation technology, with full digital data integration.

The GOCAD++ workstation software has been used in conjunction with both proprietary and other vendor software, to build a 3D earth-model of part of the field. The fault model and horizons were initially interpreted from 3D seismic. This structural framework was transferred to GOCAD++ where each reservoir was populated with geological and petrophysical parameters (eg; Geological Facies, Net Sand, Porosity, Water Saturation) using a geostatistical approach.

The resultant 3D earth-model provided a more confident computation of In-Place hydrocarbons and evaluation of unswept or attic oil for future well planning. In addition, the model is now ready for transfer into reservoir simulation software for production and pressure history matching, which will lead to more reliable production and reserve estimates.

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