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Abstract: Controlling Factors on Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Strait of Hormuz, Persian Gulf

Behrooz Vasseghi

Several structures with reasonable magnitude has been detected on the seismic survey, carried out by Iran and Oman between the coordinates of 56° to 57° East in the strait of Hormuz. Some of these anticlines found to be commercially oil bearing in the middle and upper cretaceous horizons (local names of Sarvak and Ilam reservoir).

Where as in the other surrounding structures despite of presence the same conditions of large anticlines and reservoir horizons no sign of hydrocarbon accumulation has been observed.

The reasons of this anomaly which depends on many factors is highly vital to the regional producing countries. These controlling factors will be evaluated on this paper

The brief reasons are as follow:

- regional deformation versus Geological history
- tectonic events of the Oman Region
- Lower CAMBRIAN SALT diapirism
- thickness and facies variation of the area
- fractured prosity extension.

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