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Abstract: Redesigning R&D for Improved Oilfield Economics

Reid Smith

The primary goal of R&D for the service companies continues to be development of new technology to decrease the cost of finding and producing hydrocarbons in an environmentally acceptable manner. To improve Schlumberger's ability to meet this goal in a low price per barrel world, we are redesigning our approach to R&D. This means improving the focus of our activity and shortening to product development cycle--to ensure that we develop the right products at the right time.

We are improving activity focus by emphasizing joint R&D projects with clients as part of our overall ClientLink initiative. We are reducing product development time through global integration, concurrent engineering, technology watch, and aggressive use of Information Technology. The key elements driving both improvements are people, technology, and process. The presentation will specifically address our approach, giving examples of progress to-date, and will outline the remaining challenges.

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