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Abstract: Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy and Basin Modelling: An Integrated Approach to Acreage Evaluation in the Western Niger Delta

Ferdinand K. Odoemenem, Chidi C. Chukwueke, Stephen J. Laux, Gustavo Ugueto

The OML 42 and 44 licences cover an area of 950 sq. km. in the Central Swamp Belt of the onshore Niger Delta. The Blocks contain several large oilfields with combined ultimate recoverable reserves estimates of some 1.8 billion barrels oil and condensate and 7.1 trillion standard cubic feet gas. Blanket 3D seismic coverage was acquired over the area during the period 1989-1992. The present study was initiated to identity the remaining potential of the Blocks, particularly with respect to stratigraphic traps, deep plays and hydrocarbon type.

A complete stratigraphic framework for the area down to the parasequence set level was first established using an integrated seismo-stratigraphic, well log and biostratigraphic approach. 3D seismic horizon maps were then generated on the main flooding surfaces and the assumed top main source rock (Akata shale) horizon. Amplitude extractions performed at these flooding surfaces reveal channelling features and hydrocarbon related amplitude anomalies. Calibration from nearby field data indicate their stratigraphic trapping potential. Isopach and stacked amplitude maps of the various parasequence sets also reveal the stratigraphic trapping potential of sand pinchout plays on the flanks of major growth faults. Finally, hydrocarbon charge into the various structural and stratigraphic prospe ts is estimated using a combination of basin modelling and geochemical oil typing/finger-printing techniques.

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