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Abstract: The Use of Exploration 3D Seismic Data to Optimise Oil Exploration in OPL 210 Deepwater, Nigeria

Lewis C. Nelson, Ragnhild Lilletveit, Torunn Sandvoll, Austin Avuru

Allied Energy and the Statoil and BP Alliance are currently partners in the OPL 210 licence, in deepwater Nigeria. The licence has a 5 year initial exploration phase which carries a two well commitment. To optimise the location of these wells in this challenging and costly drilling environment. the partnership has decided to acquire extensive exploration 3D seismic data within the block.

Interpretation of the first, of two planned 3D surveys has lead to a much clearer understanding of:

a). The structural segmentation of the prospect and thus a clearer idea of the likely hydrocarbon pool size.

b). The distribution of amplitude anomalies and thus, hopefully, a superior understanding of reservoir distribution and hydrocarbons. Here the limiting factor is clearly the lack of deepwater geophysical calibration, due to the absence of wells. Consequently, conclusions at this stage, are qualitative rather than quantative.

Combined with detailed seismic stratigraphic and high tech geophysical analysis, these two aspects will assist in the highgrading of segments in the prospect, prior to final decisions on the well locations. The first well, planned for 1995, will be one of the first wells drilled in the Nigerian deepwater area.

Examples of both 2D and 3D data will be used to demonstrate the above and some of the first well results will be integrated into our interpretation to highlight how some our perceptions may have changed.

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