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Abstract: Petroleum Geology of Azov-black Sea Region

Lukin, Alexander, Gregory Trofimenko

The main features of tectonics, stratigraphy, paleogeography, lithology, hydrogeology, geothermics and hydrocarbon-bearingness of Azov-Black Sea Region are characterized on the basis of present-day data. Among the most prospective petroliferous complexes one ought to mention: Paleozoic (S - D - C1) of Near-Dobrudga foredeep, Triassic - Jurassic of the Black Sea (shelf and continental slope); Lower Cretaceous of the various parts of the Region; Upper Cretaceous of the Black Sea shelf; Paleocen-Eocen of Black Sea, Azov Sea and Crimea; Oligocene-Miocene of Azov Sea. In addition certain prospects are connected with Precambrian and Paleozoic basements within conjunction zone between Eastern-Europe platform and Scythian plate.

Geodynamic evolution of the Region is considered with determination of tension and compression stages and characteristic of the main regularities of diapires, mud volcanos, swells, horsts and grabens distribution.

There determined the most interesting types of hydrocarbon traps connected with various tectonic forms, river and deltaic channels, bars, conturites, carbonate reefs, etc. Paleogeothermic and paleogeodynamic reconstructions allow to determine the main phases of oil and gas accumulation.

The most prospective oil-gas-bearing zones and areas are mapped.

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