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Abstract: Reservoir Description and Future Development Plans for the Unam/Mfem Fields OML 67, Nigeria

B. M. Kofron, J. T. Jenkinson, G. S. Maxwell, B. A. Onyeise, A. O. Fadase, F. N. Pebdani

The Unam/Mfem fields, which are currently produced from three platforms are located 25 km offshore (southeastern Nigeria in water depths of 60^prime to 100^prime. Over 100 MMBO have been produced to date from both unconformity bounded and fault trap reservoirs in the Upper and Middle Biafra Sands. These Structural and stratigraphic geometries define at least eleven different reservoirs that are not interconnected. STOIIP for all eleven reservoirs is estimated to exceed 900 MMBO based on a recently completed reservoir study. A two year reservoir description study followed the acquisition of a 1991 3D seismic survey and resulted in the drilling of six successful wells and two sidetracks.

A 3D model of reservoir geometries and fluid flow properties was generated by integrating geologic, geophysical and reservoir engineering data. These diverse data sets were using a combination of workstations, software packages, and displays that included Landmark, IREX, wireline log and seismic correlation charts.

A detailed stratigraphic zonation scheme with 28 zones was defined and correlated field wide and subregionally to build the reservoir framework. Twenty seismic horizons were created. More than 300 critical computer generated grids were then used to calculate STOIIP volumes.

This study led to the identification of new pay zones along with a much better understanding of the spatial distribution of all pays within the fields. A revised exploitation strategy has subsequently been proposed which calls for 5 new platforms and the drilling of 21 additional wells over the next few years.

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