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Abstract: Hydrocarbon Research Activities of the German Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources in Cooperation with Industry

Peter Gerling, Karl Hinz

One of the tasks of the BGR, the German Federal Geologic Survey, is to give advice to the Federal Government and to industry, to develop methods and instruments, and identify favorable exploration areas in the forefront of commercial activities. Two examples are given:

1. Deep Gas Project:

In order to develop targets for additional indigenous German gas supply from deeper then the currently active plays, BGR is studying in collaboration with German and European universities and the German oil industry the possibilities for "deep gas" generation in pre-Westfalian sediments. Various methods have been used to investigate whether such "deep gas" occurrences are to be expected in northern Germany. Based on (i) the structural geology and it's development in the entire area under investigation, (ii) extensive geochemical and organo-petrophysical source rock studies, and (iii) a detailed isotope-geochemical investigation of all producing natural gas fields it was possible to identify the most promising source rocks in Namurian and Dinantian strata and to outline perspective are s with HC potential in pre-Westfalian sediments.

2. Geoscientific Marine Research:

Geoscientific marine operations in an applied science focus on the exploration of remote areas of presently difficult access (e.g. polar regions), cooperation with development countries in exploring their respective Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ), environment studies and investigations on environment consistent resources. Basic research is undertaken involving international cooperation within the Ocean Drilling Project (ODP), the International Decade of Disaster Reduction (INDR) and within the International Biosphere Program(IGBP)/Global Change. Within this scope, the investigation of active and passive continental margins and the variability of the oceanic crust are the subject of major concern.

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