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Abstract: A Kinematic Model for the Evolution of the North Atlantic

Alan F. Chambers, W. Frank, Kevin P. Dean, Marcello Cecchi, Peter Varhaug

A kinematic model for the evolution of the N. Atlantic Rift System since the Triassic will be presented. The model is based on interpretation at basin and prospect scale of commercial and published well and geophysical data from the Canadian, British, Norwegian and Greenland margin basins. The evolution is presented on plate reconstructions from the PLATES programme (U. Texas, Austin) that have been modified by this work (particularly the movements of the Rockall-Faeroes microplate) to reflect the timing and direction of the stress fields as observed in the detailed data sets.

Particular benefits of this approach include:

1. Integration of detailed to megatectonic data into one model.

2. Consistency of interpretation of basin systems evolution.

3. Insight into the broad controls active on the margin such as reactivation of older grains and the relationship between stresses and plate movements.

4. Definition of where to expect deposits of each rift phase along the margin.

5. Better risk assessment of under-explored areas.

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