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Abstract: Prospect Ranking in the North Sea; New Frontiers in 3D Basin Modeling

Valerio Bracaccia, Paolo Bozzoni, Claudia Cavecchi, Jacopo Dainelli, Domenico Grigo, Sergio Testa, Mario Lazzerini Denchi

The application of Agip's 3D basin modeling code (SEBE3) in a block of the Norwegian Sector of the South Viking Graben has demonstrated the capability of this methodology, which integrates in a three-dimensional time-dependent simulation the geological, hydrodynamic and maturation models of a basin, to represent an effective tool in ranking different structures.

The deceiving results of the first exploration phase during which two dry wells were drilled, have suggested that, although hydrocarbons could reach the block from the Fisher Bank area and from the Sleipner Complex through spillover mechanisms, hydrodynamic constraints and morphological divides have probably played a major role in regulating the migration of hydrocarbons in the area. The effect of these constraints was confirmed and better understood through a regional application of the code on the South Viking Graben, whose results entered in the block scale simulation as boundary conditions.

The block scale simulation has indicated that hydrodynamic constraints (Tornquist Lineaments) to the north and the morphology of the carrier in the northwestern edge of the block, seem to have highly constrained fluid flow up to the complete compartmentalization of the system (Pliocene to Recent), preventing large amounts of hydrocarbons from spilling into the structure that extends over most of the retained acreage of the Block. Nonetheless, the simulation has singled out a possible migration route in the northeastern corner of the block where a different and alternative prospect is located.

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