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Abstract: Exploration Trends of the Sirte Basin

Ramadan M. Aburawi

A wave of intense exploration activity in the Sirte basin began after the discovery of oil in 1958, and an enormous quantity of hydrocarbon was found in less than ten years.

The oil discovery rate has been gradually declining since its peak in the 1960s, and it is now becoming increasingly difficult and more expensive to find a new reserve.

This paper is an attempt to discuss briefly the past exploration cycle, to indicate the present position and to predict the future trend of our activities in the Sirte basin.

The past exploration activities in the Sirte basin were concentrated along the particular geological trends where the possibilities of finding more reserves are now drastically reduced. Therefore, for the future healthy exploration activities, new ideal are needed to bring about some new favourable areas under further investigation.

A new cycle of exploration success will emerge if our exploratory efforts are purposely directed towards the stratigraphic, stratigraphic/structural traps and subtle type traps, along the migrational pathways and deep plays in the potential oil generative areas.

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