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Compressional Deformation Patterns of Unconformable Rock Sequences-Previous HitBalancedNext Hit Cross Section Modelling with Computer

I. Ozkaya

Compressional deformation styles of conformable sediments have been thoroughly surveyed using Previous HitbalancedNext Hit cross section models. Such models fall short of depicting the deformation geometry of sedimentary rock sequences which contain one or more unconformities. Frequently, deposition is interrupted by brief periods of defomation, uplift and erosion. A new cycle of sedimentation may start after an intermittent deformational pulse, and thrust faulting may occur again after deposition of a post-unconformity sedimentary rock sequence. The possible geometric deformational patterns of unconformable sedimentary rock sequences are surveyed using a forward modelling computer program for construction of Previous HitbalancedTop cross sections. The possible patterns include growth folds, half-wedge structures, intra-formational allochthons, inverse structures and double-deck struct res. An actual field example is given from Southeastern and Southwestern Turkiye for each of these fundamental patterns and their combinations.

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