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KHAN, M. ALI, Division of Oil and Gas, State of California, Santa Rosa, CA

ABSTRACT: Past Discovery Pattern: A Key to Future Exploration Potential in ARKLA-MAFLA Trend

Discovery patterns and field size have been analyzed in Arkansas, Louisiana (ARKLA), Mississippi, Alabama and Florida (MAFLA) for fields producing from Norphlet, Smackover, Buckner, and Hynesville formations. A total of 325 fields are in this 400-mi-long, 250-mi-wide play. The ultimate recoverable reserves are 1600 million bbl of oil and 9000 billion cu ft of gas.

The play is 56 yr old and mature by all standards. If discovered reserves were to follow log-normal distribution, then the reserves remaining to be discovered are small. However, combining statistical analyses with known geology indicate the possibility of larger reserves. Larger undiscovered reserves dictate a different exploration strategy. One must consider the size of the remaining reserves, the exploration signature, and the economics for each group within the play. A case history of strategies for large undiscovered reserves compares drilling of a deep wildcat well in Mobile County, Alabama, with drilling of California's mature plays.

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90989©1993 GCAGS and Gulf Coast SEPM 43rd Annual Meeting, Shreveport, Louisiana, October 20-22, 1993.