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RAVENNE, C., Institut Francais du Petrole, Rueil-Malmaison, France, A. GALLI, CG Fontainebleau, and Group Heresim, no location given

ABSTRACT: Proposition Curve: A Tool for Reservoir Modeling and for Improvement of Sedimentological Interpretations

IFP and Center of Geostatistics of Paris School of Mines are Working on Reservoir characterization modeling since 1986. For this purpose, emphasis has been put on the acquisition of geological data from outcrops devoted to this goal and the definition of the pertinent parameters which will constraint the simulations that can be quantified. It has been demonstrated that detailed sequence and cyclostratigraphy studies are necessary, providing thus the boundaries of the reservoir units, horizontal reference level used for computations, and a sequential ordering of lithofacies. Mathematical tools have also been created. Two main quantitative parameters are of primary importance for modeling: proportion curves of lithofacies and variograms. The study of different cases emphasizes the follo ing facts: (1) the main problem for reservoir modeling is the quality of the preliminary sedimentological study, often inadequate for a quantitative modeling and often with big correlation problems when few data are available, (2) proportion curves are very powerful for refining the sedimentological interpretation and/or testing different hypotheses of correlation. These points will be illustrated with proportion curves computed mainly in fluvial or fluvial to deltaic environment from both outcrop analogs and subsurface field data.

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