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DUBRULE, O., Elf Aquitaine, Pau, France, A. PAARDEKAM and S. FLINT,* Liverpool University, Liverpool, United Kingdom, and M. BUDDING, Shell Research, Rijswijk, Netherlands

ABSTRACT: Application of 3-D Reservoir Modeling to Development Planning and Management of the Cano Limon Field, Colombia

The Cano Limon field of the Llanos foreland basin, Colombia had a STOIIP of 2 billion barrels. A three-dimensional geological reservoir model has been constructed using the computer program MONARCH on the basis of data from 24 wells. The model includes the high net/gross M1 reservoir and the overlying, as yet undeveloped, low net/gross C5 reservoir, over an area of 9 x 3 km. The M1 reservoir comprises a network of fluvial sandbodies, deeply incised into a marine shale unit and may thus represent an incised valley-fill complex. The C5 interval comprises single-story channel sand bodies, isolated within thick floodplain deposits, indicative of much increased accommodation space.

The Cano Limon model is represented by a matrix of 1.75 million volume elements ("voxels"), each measuring 50 x 50 m horizontally and 0.6 m vertically. At each voxel, the model indicates whether shale or sand is present. MONARCH differentiates between genetic sandbody types: channel, mouthbar and crevasse splay. Correlatable sands are mapped using a deterministic approach and the lateral extent of non-correlatable sandbodies is derived using statistical distributions of width/thickness ratios. MONARCH combines structural information, as derived from seismic, with information about sand body orientation, as provided by dipmeter, oriented cores and seismic amplitude maps. In the case of Cano Limon, which is produced by a strong aquifer drive with a mobility ratio of 11, this level of 3- data integration helps provide reliable guidelines for the further development and management of the field.

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