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ABSTRACT: Horizontal Drain Holes as a Recovery Technic in the Highly Fractured Ordovician Aged Trenton Limestone, Specifically the Albion-Scipio and Stoney Point Field, of Michigan

Mark J. Dixon

Horizontal drain holes may be the answer for reviving many of the over 500 producing stripper wells in the primarily depleted Albion-Scipio oil field of southern Michigan. With 10 horizontals drilled in the Albion-Scipio oil field and 1 horizontal drilled in the Stoney Point oil field, production increases have been encouraging with some wells producing over 100 BOPD from depleted steady-state production of under 5 BOPD. Short radius horizontal drilling along with a future secondary water flood could reawaken this sleeping giant that is presently the largest single oil field in the state of Michigan.

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90998 AAPG Eastern Section Meeting, London, Ontario, Canada, September 10-12, 1990